Green Bond


We are facing two major crises, namely the climate crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to meet these challenges, we are focusing on new sustainable financing and investments to ensure long term success for our clients.  In 2020, for instance, we issued the first RLB Green Bond for retail customers in the amount of EUR 15 million, a real milestone for the bank.

Banking activities are a powerful lever for driving change. Through financing and investment, we have an influence on local economic development. We are increasingly aware of this crucial role and want to provide even greater support for environmentally and socially sustainable projects in the future.

The proceeds raised by our Green Bond issuances will be allocated exclusively to projects that demonstrate a positive environmental impact.

Sustainability is an important criterion for us when granting loans. For instance, part of the Schmiede hydropower plant in Moos in Passeier has been financed with the proceeds of our Green Bond issue. This is a very special financing project in the field of renewable energies that contributes to a sustainable and local energy supply.



All our green bonds are issued under the ESG-compliant bond issuance framework published in December 2020. Here you can find out more:


GREEN BOND 2020-2025

GREEN BOND 2022-2028