Sustainable products

Sustainable investment

We are particularly committed to promoting sustainable investments. We are therefore closely following developments at EU level on sustainable finance, including the European Commission's Green Deal and the Taxonomy Regulation 2020/852 of the European Parliament and the Council. This is because we are convinced of the strategic and high importance of these developments on the topic of sustainability and are accordingly taking measures to also align our financial activities sustainably.

This is also demonstrated by some figures and data:


How is a customer supposed to recognize which bank or financial product complies with sustainability criteria or ESG criteria? We have dealt intensively with this and similar questions and have found a special solution: the creation of a sustainability label to identify all products and initiatives that incorporate sustainability.

Our sustainability label identifies all of the bank's ESG-compliant internally audited products and initiatives and labels them as such.

The shape of the label is based on the familiar Raiffeisen gable sign, with each of the three ESG factors symbolized by an element:

The leaf

the leaf symbolizing the Environmental / Environment factor and representing the consideration of ecological aspects;

The hands

the two crossed hands, which symbolize the Social / Social factor and stand for the consideration of social aspects;

The circle

the enclosing but still open circle, which symbolizes the governance / corporate management factor and stands for compliance with responsible corporate activity and management.