Sustainability Bond


We want to be a reliable partner for our customers and stand by them, especially in bad times. Only together is it possible to find suitable solutions in complex situations. Here in particular, we do not want to disregard sustainability and strive to support and accompany our customers in the transformation process toward sustainable corporate activity.

For this reason, we have issued a Sustainability Bond for retail investors in the amount of EUR 15 million in 2021.

The Sustainability Bond works in principle like the Green Bond, but includes the social area. This means that in addition to environmentally sustainable projects, it primarily finances socially sustainable projects.


Green Bond


We are facing two major crises, namely the climate crisis and the corona crisis. In order to counteract this, we are focusing on new sustainable financing and investments so that our customers will continue to be successful in the future. In the 2020 financial year, for example, the first RLB Green Bond for retail investors was issued at Euro 15 million, a milestone for the bank.

A bank's core business is an effective lever for driving change. Through financing and investment, we have an influence on local economic development. We are always aware of this responsible role and want to provide even greater support for environmentally and socially sustainable projects in the future.

With the issuance of our first Green Bond for retail investors and the funds raised through it, only projects that have a demonstrably positive environmental impact will be financed.


With the fifteen million we have financed a total of 11 ecologically sustainable projects of South Tyrolean companies. The projects concern the sectors of renewable energy, hydropower energy efficiency and photovoltaics.

In this way, we support and accompany our customers on the transformation process towards sustainable business activity.